Creative Team Wednesday

Kristen, Barbe, Jane, Deryn and Kecia — all members of our Creative Team — do a lot of inspirational work! using ICE Resin and Susan’s handmade bezels that we then have cast for our customer’s creative use. Each week, we’ll feature designs from our Creative Team. Sometimes, we’ll even slip in some images from Susan Lenart Kazmer or Jen Cushman’s work using ICE Resin too.


Did you know that you can embed all kinds of organic objects into ICE Resin? As long as the organic material you’re using is dry, it’s so simple to work with. See how Creative Team member Jane Salley used a pressed leaf and tiny pink rosebud bud as the focal art in her pendant. A teeny rhinestone crystal, placed in just the right spot add a delicate sensibility and sweet sparkle to the composition.

To make this pendent, Jane cut a background layer of paper and adhered it to our oval hobnob mixed metal bezel with a small dot of glue. Then she mixed up a small amount of ICE Resin and poured a thin layer. She added her dried leaf and flower, working them gently into place with the tip of a toothpick. She also added the rhinestone. She then pour more ICE Resin into the bezel, nudging her elements back into perfect position as they slid a little off center during the pour. She let her piece dry and voila! A gorgeous focal for her necklace!

People often wonder why the organic material must be dry. Well, its because if there is moisture in the leaves, bones, flowers, sticks, etc. this can cause the material to mold from the inside out if its been embedded in resin too soon.