Creative Team Wednesday

Kristen, Barbe, Jane, Deryn and Kecia — all members of our Creative Team — do a lot of inspirational work! using ICE Resin and Susan’s handmade bezels that we then have cast for our customer’s creative use. Each week, we’ll feature designs from our Creative Team. Sometimes, we might even slip in some images from Susan Lenart Kazmer or Jen Cushman’s work using ICE Resin too.


Today’s inspiration comes from Creative Team Member Kecia Deveney. What is it about hearts? Is the motif so well loved because it is well…the universal symbol of love? Or could it be the ying/yang of the shape with its rounded top and sharp pointy bottom?  Whatever it is, there’s no denying that a lot of artists enjoy using the heart as symbolism in their work. 

But this heart is not just a heart. There is something very clever about Kecia’s mixed metal pendant featured here. Her material for the little heart embedded in ICE Resin is dog food kibble. Yes, you heard that right, dog food.

Kecia’s quirky way of looking at the world is one of the reasons we were drawn to her for the Creative Team in the first place. We just love how she follows the beat of her own drummer and puts her creative touch on everything she does.

I bet next time you are feeding Fido, you think twice about letting him eat those lovely little hearts.

By the way, the raised round pendant is part of our mixed metals line here at Susan Lenart Kazmer’s ICE Resin. If you’re a store or designer with a tax id#, fill out the wholesale application online and we’ll get you set up for ordering. We’re also publishing a page on our website very soon to let customers know all the hip retail stores across the country that carry Susan’s bronze, sterling and mixed metal bezels, along with ICE Resin and our educational how-to books.

Here’s wishing everyone a truly Artful day! — Jen