A fabulous mixed media artist and fellow art pioneer Kerin Gale  has published a wonderful book; Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams; Mixed Media Projects in Epoxy Clay by North Light Books. A collaborative artist at heart, Kerin also devised a brilliant way to share her book and her love of epoxy clay by creating an online book tour and asked if ICE Resin would like to be a part of the tour. Because both products are epoxy-based, ICE Resin and epoxy clay go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Kerin shows examples of this in her beautiful book.

So when a fellow artist asks you to help spread the gospel, there’s no other option than to hop on board. So that’s exactly what we’ve done. The Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams tour begins May 1st and concludes May 22nd. A lot of great mixed media artists and blogs are part of this online tour, which will also include a bucket load of fab prizes for those participants who take the tour and leave comments.

Of course, we’ll be giving away some of our handy-dandy 1-ounce sizes of ICE Resin, along with a grand prize drawing of resin, a sampling of our mixed metal bezels and signed copies of both Susan and Jen’s jewelry-making books.

So keep watching the ICE Queen Zine for more information about the upcoming tour. We’ll also be posting announcements on our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter pages too.