Creative Team Wednesday

Kristen, Barbe, Jane, Deryn and Kecia — all members of our Creative Team — do a lot of inspirational work! using ICE Resin and Susan’s handmade bezels that we then have cast for our customer’s creative use. Each week, we’ll feature designs from our Creative Team. Sometimes, we might even slip in some images from Susan Lenart Kazmer or Jen Cushman’s work using ICE Resin too.


copyright Susan Lenart Kazmer

Today’s inspiration comes from Susan in the form of her new triangle wire-and-resin paper journals. SLK first began making wearable journals when she created one as a class sample years and years ago when she began teaching the technique of making resin paper. As she continues to create pieces for her Industrial Chic craft line of charms and components that’s exclusive to Michaels, Susan is taking a look at her older work with new eyes.

“I’ve been looking around my studio at pieces I made 10, 15 years ago and, instead of them looking as my older work, I’ve been inspired by them. I find myself wanting to revisit some of this work, but still looking at it with a fresh perspective,” she recently told me.

A perfect example is the triangle wire frame shape of this piece. She created the open-backed triangle bezel in sterling silver in 2005 and had it cast for use with ICE Resin. She revisited the shape again last year when she decided to make some new mixed metal bezels. The shape naturally flowed from her last month when she spent some quality time in her studio making some new resin paper journals.

The frame couldn’t be a more perfect setting for her layers and layers of resin paper that look as if they’ve been perfectly preserved, but still excavated from a ancient and forgotten chamber buried deep within the earth.

This is just a sneak peek at some of Susan’s new work. We’re thrilled to let you know there are many brand new never-seen pieces that will be debuting in the upcoming July 2011 issue of Belle Armoire magazine by Stampington.