Real People Real Jewelry

Last week’s Real People Real Jewelry showed a banjo player wearing Susan’s rings. I mentioned how this guy had us tapping our feet to his tunes. I decided to stay with the feet them and show you another adorable guitar player who caught our eye because he was also one of those musicians who tapped his feet in time to his music. We thought his piggies were cute in the flip flops, so we asked is we could make a toe ring out of one of Susan’s big bright glass rings. Take a look:

Jewelry by Susan Lenart Kazmer, photos by Jen Cushman

And just to be some what normal, we also put the ring on his finger and snapped a picture of him playing his guitar. Dontcha just love all the colorful stickers that he added his instrument? Susan’s ring fits right in.

Jewlery by Susan Lenar Kazmer, photos by Jen Cushman