flickr friday

Hello all,

Today’s Flickr Friday is from pinsnneedles_2000 (no real name given on her Flickr profile). What we liked about this piece is her lovely wirework and color combination of the pearls and gemstones. They perfectly set off the colorful artwork placed inside the bezels and filled with ICE Resin. The owner of this photostream said in her description this bracelet was a commissioned piece for an artist using vignettes of her work combined with words that have special meaning.

And because it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, we wanted to give you a special bonus for Flickr Friday, so we also choose to feature the work of Brenda Sue Lansdown of B’Sue Boutiques, a wonderful online jewelry supply store. Take a look at her brass cuff and her detailed ICE Resin-filled bezel. Trust us on this one, folks, adding this many elements and getting them to layer so beautifully takes some not only skill and talent, but a good amount of time put into working with ICE Resin and knowing how to take advantage of all its artistic goodness. Brenda Sue has what it takes!

B'Sue Boutiques

Here’s wishing all you amazing creative women out there in the world a Happy Mother’s Day!