flickr friday

Happy Friday! Since its summer and the temperatures are sweltering outside for most of the country, I thought it would be fun to show the work of Cindy Cima Edwards. How does Dove chocolate and summer go together in the same sentance? Well, I happen to LOVE Dove chocolates. They are one of my guilty pleasures. I keep them in the freezer, and on a hot summer day when others are grabbing popsicles, I pull out a frozen square of heaven and pop it in my mouth.

Like, Cindy I have always enjoyed that the Dove folks put a cute saying on the inside of their Promise wrappers. I like it so much that I taught a class 5 years ago where I saved all my wrappers and we did a recycled tags class with lots of surface treatment and bits of wrappers collaged onto the tag. It’s so cool to see Cindy take it a step further and pour ICE Resin over her creations!

Take a look at her handmade candy wrapper beads too. Clever girl! Some mushed up wrappers, a couple of bead caps = fun, fun, fun!

TGIF everyone. Hope you have a creative weekend ahead. — Jen