flickr friday

Red and black is always such a stunning color combination. Take a look at today’s Flickr Friday ICE Resin-filled bezel from Maro Morales. This piece, called “Nature Strikes Back” is comprised of Abrus Precatorius, an extremely toxic seed if ingested. What is so striking about this piece is the grid structure the artist arranged the beans before adding a layer of ICE Resin. This technique can be difficult to achieve sometimes because objects, when embedded, can move around when the resin is added. Trick: A drop of strong glue, such as Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate, on the bottom of the seeds and then set into place into a grid pattern will help the objects stay in place as the resin is dripped into the bezel. Unfortunately, Moro has not contributed other work to the ICE Resin Flickr site, but you can see the photostream here.

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