flickr friday

We’ve heard more than a few times that people are afraid to try ICE Resin because it looks “complicated” of having to measure and mix to equal parts together. Honest-to-goodness ICE Resin is very, very easy to use. Today’s Flickr Friday is proof. Take a look at this amazing found object bezel that cheekymagpie1 put on our Flickr photostream. She says very clearly in the photo description of “Transparent Wings” that this is her first try using ICE Resin. It’s gorgeous, don’t you agree?

Remember, if you make some cool creations using ICE Resin, be sure to upload them to our Flickr group and we’ll pick some of our favorites every Friday to showcase on the ICE Queen Zine. Be sure to allow us to download the images so we can feature them, but if you want to have a link to your website or blog be sure to put the URL in the description of the photo so we can not only respect your copyright, but also send people to check out more of your work. Thanks!