Dear Ice Queen,

I poured the resin into a brass pendant frame that I had put an image in.  I sealed it with mod podge and let it dry for a couple of hours before pouring the resin.  The resin seemed fine but after a while the paper image got blotchy as though it was wet in spots!    I’m so distressed, all my favorite pieces were ruined.  Can you please tell me what went wrong?

Spottie Dottie


Spots are a sign that the paper wasn’t sealed  thoroughly. The resin will leak into any unsealed paper surfaces and will cause the paper to turn translucent and create those spots you are talking about. Using a proper sealer is also important, we recommend Mod Podge, Collage Pauge® or gel medium.   Make sure you coat front, back and sides of your image completely and allow dry before gluing it into your bezel.   You can also use clear packing tape or contact paper to seal your images too.   If using clear packing tape or clear contact paper, be sure to leave a tiny sealed edge around all corners of the picture so the resin doesn’t seep into the paper.

Happy creating!

The ICE Queen