This week’s Flickr Friday is serendipitous  because we came across these lush pendants this week!  Juanita Burton at Lookie Lookie created her “Serendipity” collection by  painstakingly creating multiple layers of paper, transparencies, stampings, glitter, confetti and found objects embedded in ICE Resin.  Juanita used antique  Optometrist lenses as the base for some of the pendants.

For some of her other pendants,  she created the pendant shapes with  16 g wire to make an open back bezel. She then embedded her objects in ICE Resin. Using laser printed transfers and stamping with STAZ ON ink ensures the colors won’t bleed when embedded into the wet resin.

You can see more of Juanita’s beautiful work on her blog.

Be sure to become a member of our ICE Resin Flickr Group. If you want us to publish your work, be sure to make it so I can download the image. We understand how important your designs are to you and will always credit you on the blog. If you provide a link to your website or blog, I’ll be sure to add that to the posts too.

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