Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezels, Medium              SLK1621

These Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezels have a pinhole built in to run a wire through and cap off a strand of ribbons, threads and such to create a tassel on the end of your work. The only thing the viewer sees is a beautifully finished top to your tassel.  Each medium-sized Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezel has a 1.5 diameter.  Available in gorgeous white bronze or warm yellow bronze. Two per package.

SPECIAL ORDER: These bezels are available as a special order of 12 or more pieces of any one style and metal (either all white bronze or all yellow bronze).  Special orders require a deposit of 50% down.  Please allow three to six weeks for a special order to be completed. Please contact orders@iceresin.com to place a special order, thank you.