Pronged Ring with Small Bezel              SLK1819

If you follow Susan’s work, you will know that the creme de la creme of her ring designs are the Pronged Ring Bezels. Now she has taken the work out of them for you by making them available, complete in design, and ready to take hold of whatever you choose! The Small Pronged Ring Bezel can hold anything from a Geode to Sea Glass, Found Object or Cast Resin. The bezel size is 1 cm x 1 cm; the prongs are each 1.5 cm with a small supportive wire about .5 cm up from the base of the bezel; the ring band is adjustable. After annealing the prongs to make them softer, just place your object into the bezel, and fold the prongs in to grab the object…Voila! An instant piece of Art! Available in gorgeous white bronze or warm yellow bronze.

SPECIAL ORDER:  These beautiful bronze Pronged Ring Bezels are available as a special order of 12 or more pieces of any one style and metal (either all white bronze or all yellow bronze).  Special orders require a deposit of 50% down.  Please allow 3 – 6 weeks for a special order to be completed.  Contact orders@iceresin.com to place a special order, thank you.