CON-EYE16SILVER (800x626)

1/16″ Silver Toned Eyelet Multipack

CON-EYE16BRASS (800x616)

1/16″ Brass Eyelet Multipack









1/16″ Eyelets Multipack        



Our New 1/16″ Eyelet Multipack  helps you be prepared for any project by offering a variety of sizes: Small, Medium and Large- in either our beautiful Silver-Tone or our warm Brass. Both packages have 1/16″ wide eyelets which vary in length:  Small: 1/8″ long; Medium: 1/4″ long; and Large: 3/8″ long. There are 50 of each size per package. Purchase one of each color in Silver-Toned and Brass; and purchase one of each color of  the 1/8″ Eyelet Multipacks and you’ll never have the wrong Eyelet for the job again!