CON-BRADS4 (800x687)

Multicolored Gem Brads, 4 mm

Colorful Gem Brads!

Colorful Gem Brads!

CON-BRADS5 (800x669)

Clear Brads, 5 mm


Clear Brads!








Multicolored Gem Brads, 4 mm, packaged of 40

Clear Gem Brads, 5 mm, package of 20



These are awesome little connections to play with! Add color and dimension to your mixed media jewelry and art with these tiny brads. Slip them into drilled or punched holes in metal or stacked mixed media, or place them into soft surfaces like epoxy clay. The Multicolored Brads, at 4 mm,  are tinier than the Clear Brads, at 5 mm, so buy both to have on hand. The Clear Brads will take a touch a paint too for versatility’s sake, but coat with ICE Resin® to keep a painted surface intact. The Multicolored Brads, because of their size, come 40 to a package, the Clear are larger so they come 20 to a package.

Multicolored Gem Brads, 4 mm        

Clear Gem Brads, 5 mm