Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson


  • ICE Resin® Milan Bezels: Antique Silver Circle, Medium
  • ICE Resin® Plunger
  • ICE Resin® Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks
  • ICE Resin® Brushes
  • ICE Resin® Studio Sheets
  • Tim Holtz® Distress Glitter Dust
  • Ranger Glossy Accents™
  • ICE Resin® Ephemera Image Assortment
  • Scissors
  • Small spoon
  • Vintage trim or repurposed belt
  • 2 ribbon clamps
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster claw
  • Pliers
  • Needle and thread
  • Wire head pins
  • Wire eye pins
  • Glass beads
  • Vintage heart charm
  • Mixing the new with the old has long been part of the Fabric of our lives. A bride wears something old and something new to a wedding; we pass down a family heirloom to set upon a new rustic table or we resurrect the old colors (think 70’s greens and golds) in our home and in our art. Everything old is new again! For most artist and makers, we love it because chances are we either still have some of the older things or at the very least, we remember them.

    Today, I’m mixing the old with the new. Vintage trim with the new Milan Bezel; Glass beads and a found charm. And to put it all together is the “vintage” Distress Glitter Dust by Tim Holtz along with ICE Resin. I love how this glitter dust is well, dust. Sometimes we want the beautiful German glass glitter by ICE Resin but sometimes, we need the vintage essence this glitter dust brings. I used Glossy Accents to adhere the dust around the outer edges of the Bezel and also the inside as well. Using the IR Ephemera packet, I cut out the word “Dream”. In this wonderful packet of found and vintage images there are also words and text that can be added. When using this packet, feel free to cut up the images in any shape and size you need. They are sized for the bezels but be creative. You could even collage several images together.

    To finish the bezel and create the necklace, I used a piece of a vintage lace and simply threaded it through both wired wraps and tied a knot. You could also use leather, ribbon or a chain for the finishing of the necklace. A tip when using the round bezel sideways as a necklace is to keep the length shorter. It will have less of a tendency to turn. Using copper wire, glass beads and a found pewter heart, I wired the dangles onto the Bezel.

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    The Distress Glitter Dust is truly stunning and vintage inspired.

    This simple yet stunning necklace could easily become a bracelet or even added to the front of an Art journal. For me as I wear it, it will become my new simply vintage.

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Gather your supplies.

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Step 1: Place your bezel on a scrap piece of paper, as the glitter will spread as you tap it on to the bezel.

    Step 2: Using the ICE Resin® brush, Spread a nice layer of Glossy accents™ on the outer edge as well as the base of the Bezel.

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Step 3: Using a small spoon (mine happens to be vintage), sprinkle the glitter dust over the bezel and the outer edge. Set aside to dry.

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Step 4: Using small scissors, cut out the word Brave or image of choice from the ephemera packet. With a small amount of Glossy Accents™, adhere word or image
    to the inside of the Bezel.

    >strong>Step 5: Place Bezel on the Studio Sheet

    Now it’s time to mix the ICE Resin®

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Using the plunger, just press down on both sides at the same time to dispense equal amounts.

  • Mix equal amounts of part A and part B in the disposable cup.
  • Using the plastic stir gently fold the two parts stirring for two minutes.
  • Set aside for five minutes to allow for some of the bubbles to dissipate
  • Step 6: Using the Stir Sick, drip the Resin into the Bezel and fill to the edge of the Bezel.

    Using the edge of the Stir Stick and a small amount of Resin spread onto the edges of the Bezel, guiding the Resin to the entire outer edge. Let dry 8 hours or overnight.

    Putting the pieces together

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Step 7: Cut the vintage trim to the desired length, and set aside until the wire dangles are created and added to the bezel.

    Step 8: To create your wire dangles, first add the heart charm to an eye pin or a long piece of wire, wrap to secure and then add beads. Thread wire through one loop of Bezel and wire wrap to secure. Then repeat with the second dangle but this time, thread the wire through the top of first wire dangle, not the bezel.

    Dream Bezel by Chantal Johnson

    Step 9: Thread vintage lace through the wire dangles and knot at the top.

    Chantal lives in Rowlett, Texas and is married to Scott. They have three children, 3 dogs and 5 sweet little hens. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire and Green Craft. She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2016 Design Team, the Gauche Alchemy Design Team and is a regular contributor to Bella Crafts Quarterly. For teaching engagements, you may contact her directly at chantal515@verizon.net. Visit her blog at chantaljohnson.blogspot.com or become her friend on Facebook to see her latest inspirations and see the joy in daily living.