• Ranger Glossy Accents™
  • Ranger Heat-It Craft Tool
  • Tim Holtz® Mini Distress Ink Pads: Antique Linen, Rusty Hinge, Weathered Wood
  • Ranger Archival Ink™: Jet Black
  • ICE Resin® Milan Bezel: Antique Silver Large Rectangle
  • ICE Resin® Milan Bezel: Antique Bronze Large Heart
  • ICE Resin® Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
  • ICE Resin® Shattered Mica: Bronze
  • ICE Resin® Iced Enamels: Ivory, Tarnished Bronze
  • ICE Resin® Iced Enamel Medium
  • ICE Resin® Brushes
  • ICE Resin® Bezel Template
  • ICE Resin® Studio Sheet
  • Cardstock
  • White Tissue Paper
  • White Glue
  • Tiny Heart Punch with Keyhole
  • Small Sanding Block
  • Score Board or Score Tool
  • Stamps with Sentiments or Alphabet Stamps
  • Scissors
  • Optional to Create Finished Piece:

  • ICE Resin® Leather Cording
  • Paper Bead Roller
  • 18 Gauge Copper Wire
  • Glass Beads
  • Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Weathered wood, barn doors and shiplap are making their way into our home decor. I love to imagine the stories behind the old doors. Literally, what happened in that home, who lived there and who loved there?
    This inspiration was the key to this designer jewelry piece. Combining distress inks, ICE Resin, ICED Enamels, paper beads and wire along with a few fun ink to paper techniques and my barn door inspired necklace lets you know just who lives here – LOVE!
    Let’s gather our supplies and start creating our story behind the barn door!  I guarantee you will LOVE the process and the finished piece.  And we will be able to answer what’s behind your door!


    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    “A few supplies”

    Before getting started, here are a few key tips and techniques in creating this necklace.

  • Using ICED Enamels in the bezel as well as the outer edge will give light and depth to your background paper.  Use the Ivory in the bezel and mix the two colors for the edge

  • When stamping on the tissue paper, cut each sentiment to a small size.  To place it in the Bezel, pour a little of ICE Resin® and then add the tissue sentiment, and then more ICE Resin®

  • To seal the paper bead with ICE Resin®, place bead on a piece of wire, brush ICE Resin® all around the bead and then slip it off the wire onto the Studio Sheet to dry.

  • Before placing the bezel-sized paper into the Bezel, pour a little ICE Resin® in the bottom of the Bezel (this acts as the adhesive).  Then place the paper into the bezel, tapping it down with the stirrer.

  • Your paper may lighten with the ICE Resin®- don’t worry it will give it even more of a weathered, rustic look.

  • Add the mica inclusions as you pour the ICE Resin® in the heart bezel, if desired.

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 1: With white glue, apply random lines onto the cardstock and let dry. 
    Don’t worry if you have a little bubbles or blobs, they will add character to your paper.

    Using a scoring tool, score every ½ inch and create a groove to create the wood look. 
    Scoring can be done before or after the ink is applied.

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 2:  Once dry, begin with Antique Linen and drag the inkpad up and down the paper. 
    “Cover just a portion of the paper. Leaving room for more color”

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Repeat with Rusty Hinge and then Weathered Wood.   Set aside to dry.

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 3: While your paper dries, prepare the Bezels with ICED Enamels.  First, using a small sander, sand the bezels to prepare the surface for the ICED Enamels. 

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 4: Using the small brush, apply ICED Enamels™ Medium to the inside and outer edges of each Bezel.  Let dry for 1 -2 minutes. Brush an even coat over the entire bezel.

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 5: With a small scoop or tiny spoon, sprinkle Ivory ICED Enamels inside and on the edges of each Bezel, leaving space for the Tarnished Bronze.  Add the Tarnished bronze and then tap off excess. The blending of the two colors will create depth and interest.

    With heat tool and a continuous slow movement around the bezel, heat the powders until they are melted and smooth. Set the Bezels aside. Move in slowly to the center of the bezel as to not blow the powder everywhere!

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 6: Using the ICE Resin® bezel template, cut the desired shape from your created background paper. Using a small piece of cardstock, punch out two hearts if desired.  Ink edges with Rusty Hinge.
    With the template, you can either trace with a pencil and then cut with scissors or use a craft knife on a cutting mat surface.

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 7: To create your sentiment, cut a small piece of white tissue paper.  With Archival Ink™ in Jet Black or the color of your choice, stamp sentiment onto the tissue paper.  Trim to fit inside the Bezel.
    Choose a sentiment or saying that will fit inside the Bezel.

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 8: To create the paper bead, cut a strip from the wood background and then wrap around a paper bead roller.  Using Glossy Accents™, adhere the end of the bead.  Slip the bead off the roller and set aside to be sealed with ICE Resin®
    The longer the strip, the fatter the bead.  This was a 7-inch strip of the paper.  A perfect size to wire wrap.
    Now it’s time to mix the ICE Resin®

  • Mix equal amounts of part A and part B in the disposable cup.

  • Using the plastic stir gently fold the two parts stirring for two minutes.

  • Set aside for five minutes to allow for some of the bubbles to dissipate.
  • Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 9: Place Bezels on studio sheet.  Slowly drip the ICE Resin® into the Bezel. Place the prepared paper into the Bezel and gently tap down. Place another thin layer of ICE Resin® over the paper.  Using a small brush, pick up tissue paper stamped sentiment and gently place in the Bezel (this is where the magic happens!!!)  Continue to fill the Bezels with ICE Resin® until it is even with the edges. 

    Step 10: Seal the paper bead with ICE Resin® – See tips and techniques above.
    Let dry 8 – 10 hours. 
    Putting the Pieces Together

    Behind the Barn Door Necklace by Chantal Johnson

    Step 11:   With copper wire, thread through loop at the top of the heart.  Wire wrap the smaller end around the longer piece of wire.  Add a glass bead, the paper bead and then another glass bead.  Thread the end of the wire thought the bottom loop of the rectangle and bring the wire around the beaded section and wrap to secure. 

    Chantal lives in Rowlett, Texas and is married to Scott. They have three children, 3 dogs and 5 sweet little hens. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire and Green Craft. She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2016 Design Team, the Gauche Alchemy Design Team and is a regular contributor to Bella Crafts Quarterly. For teaching engagements, you may contact her directly at chantal515@verizon.net. Visit her blog at chantaljohnson.blogspot.com or become her friend on Facebook to see her latest inspirations and see the joy in daily living.