• ICE Resin®
  • ICE Resin® Molding Putty
  • Item to Mold
  • ICE Resin® Studio Sheets
  • Perfect Pearls : Forever Violet, Forever Blue, Perfect Pearl
  • Glitterm Gears, Ephemera
  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Pin

  • Color. I can’t imagine my world without color. Deep vibrant hues of Fall, the muted shades of Winter, the pastel tones of Spring and the juicy palette of Summer. Ice Resin can be adapted to any color. One way I like to incorporate color is with Perfect Pearls.

    Color My World by Melissa Winters

    Step 1: I love my new unicorn pin but it had one thing missing, color. So I used Ice Resin Molding Putty and followed the directions to make a unicorn mold. After the mold was ready I gathered all my colors of Perfect Pearls.

    Color My World by Melissa Winters

    Step 2: The Perfect Pearls can be applied many ways but I used the brush included in the packaging and “dotted” a small amount of color wherever I wanted. If you add too much the color it may float on the surface of the Ice Resin.

    Color My World by Melissa Winters

    Step 3: Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions and pur into your mold. . If you choose to add glitter, this is a great time to sprinkle some in your resin. Wait overnight. After it has hardened, pop the shape from the mold. This is when you would want to trim away any drips that may have occurred. Allow to cure for one to three days.

    Melissa winters Melissa Winters (PurpleARtLoVE) lives in Granville, Ohio with her family and herd of animals. By day she works for a large veterinary distribution company. Melissa has been featured in Belle Amoire and Green Craft magazine. If you can’t come visit Canal Market District in person, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/purpleartlove.