Ribbons, Paper and Glass

5-scrolls-prayer boxes- april 11 (800x564)

Artist: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Art Mechanique Essentials – Collage Image Pack One

art-mechanique-essentials blue


sample papers


Ephemera papers for all your mixed media, jewelry and scrapbooking projects.  Many of these vintage ads, images, botanicals, music, stamps, and letters were gathered in Paris.

20.5 glossy sheets of 3 1/2″  x  5 1/2″ papers

$5.99 each package


(blue cover with red flower)





Art Mechanique Essentials – Collage Image Pack Two

red collage pack

Art Mechainque paper pack Two

sample sheets

Ephemera papers for all your mixed media, jewelry and scrapbooking projects.  Many of these vintage ads, images, botanicals, music, stamps, and letters were gathered in Paris.

20.5 glossy sheets of 3 1/2″  x  5 1/2″ papers

$5.99 each package

(red cover, yellow and green image)

Organza Ribbons

RBTurq (793x800)


RBChartreuse (790x800)












RBRaspberry (800x740)


RBIvory (800x767)











Organza Ribbons: Turquoise, Chartreuse, Raspberry, Ivory                 AM-RB

$6.99 package 


Price: $6.99  


Ribbons: Trapeze and Carousel












These beautiful Art Mechanique Ribbons are hand picked for you by Susan to use in your Wearable Art and Mixed Media Projects. Add a bit of light and color to your next piece. They work great with our Tassel Bezels!

Art Mechanique Ribbons: Trapeze (On Left) Carousel (On Right)           $3.00 ON SALE!!                    


WAS $8.00 each 

Sale: $3.00 While Supplies Last!!

Trapeze is no longer available.


Paper Sealer

paper-sealantPaper Sealer

This is an improved formula of our Paper Sealant for your Collage work. It’s been hand picked by Susan, who uses it exclusively in her own work. When applied to paper that is destined to go under ICE Resin, it will maintain its opacity, instead of becoming transparent, as paper does under ICE Resin. It is quick drying: just paint it on with a sponge and hold it in the air for 30 seconds to a minute; then apply ICE Resin, as usual, and insert it into a bezel that is ready for an ICE Resin pour. You probably love, as we do, the transparent effect ICE Resin has on paper. The use of Paper Sealer is for those special cases where you want to keep very dark, graphic lines in your collage work, or when using actual photographs, which can have a mottled look under resin because of uneven emulsion. Either way, it’s good to have around the studio! Our Paper Sealer is 1 oz.

Price: $3.95

Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise

Collage Book Pack

Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise                      



WAS $8.00 each    NOW $4.00 each

This Flip Book is loaded with page after page of gorgeous collage that will slip right into the background of any bezel, especially when it is cut with our Collage Templates. The images are unique and couldn’t be easier to use- the collage is already done for you, so when you choose an image from a page, each and every time, you will get a little surprise bit of collage with it! And guess what? It’s double sided- there is a little bit of script on the back of each page so that when this collage paper gets under ICE Resin, and becomes transparent, you get just a hint of a layered effect, without the trouble of planning for it. If you don’t like a layered look, check out our new Paper Sealer, below.

On Sale 50% off

Collage Templates for Bezels







Collage Templates for Bezels

Choose from (left to right): Circles Template (#2195); Rectangles Template #2194 is SOLD OUT/ NO LONGER AVAILABLE; Hearts Template (#2303)

These Collage Templates fit perfectly with our Mixed Metal Bezels and will take the work out of sizing and cutting in your collage work. Try them and see! Great for teaching- saves time; students and artists alike can see their design through the template window to get a view you just cannot achieve when working without a template! Check out our own Collage Art Flip Book for a real treat. They go hand in hand for effortless creating and teaching! Just run the template over the page and choose your perfect collage pattern. So easy!

Price: $9.95

Hand-Spun Silk Yarn

Hand-Spun Silk Yarn         SLK808

This beautiful silk yarn is made in Fair-Trade by women in Tibet. It is hand-spun from recycled silk,  giving you a dazzling array of rich colors to embellish your wearable art! Wrap, twist and tie this yarn; try hanging it from our tassel bezels with ribbons and charms!

Price: $16.00

Opaque Silk Ribbon Bundles







Opaque Silk Ribbon Bundles, clockwise from top left:

“Indigo”, “Muted Multicolor”,”Bright Multicolor”, “Fuchsia”            RB806

$16.00 each (Retail Only)

These beautiful bundles of Tibetan Silk are actually strips of Sari fabric, hand sewn into ribbons by women in Nepal and India. 130 feet of gorgeous color! These opaque ribbons join perfectly with the Tassel Bezels and are just right for adding drama to your wearable art! Fair Trade; 4 colors while they last.

Price: $16.00