Resin Jewelry Exploration Kit

Does the jewelry maker in your life love resin or yearn to try out a new technique? Then this is the kit!

resinkit480DVD: Exploring Resin Jewelry Making with Susan Lenart Kazmer

1 oz. ICE Resin Plunger
2 cups & 2 stir sticks
Hobnail Shield Bezel
1 jump ring

It comes in a burlap gift bag and you save $17 off of the full retail value of the kit!

Limited Quantities

Price: $39.99 Out of stock

Metal Mania Kit for Jewelry Makers

metalkit480Packaged in a lovely organza bag — a perfect gift for the metal smith in your life!

Kit includes:

1 piece of 3×3-inch bronze sheet metal
1 package of connections:  brass nuts & screws.
1 DVD: Metal Work – Making Cold Connections with Rivets by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Comes in a burlap gift bag.

You save $12 on the retail value of this kit!

Quantities are limited.

Price: $39.99

Special Value ICE Resin Ornament Kit

ornamentYour jewelry-crafting sweetheart or sweet friend will say ooh la la when she finds this kit under the tree!
Everything she’ll need to make an ornament or pendant for the holiday!

Kit includes:
1 hobnail bezel- a large heart and 1 circle bezel with an edge for designing
1 Collage paper pack
1 oz. ICE Resin plunger
2 cups & 2 stir sticks
6″ black rhinestone chain (not pictured)
2 jump rings
1 oz. Paper sealer
1 brush

Plus a Project How-To Sheet

A $55 retail value for — ta da!– under $40! Awesome!

Price: $39.99

A Splendid Rue Romantique Kit

Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique is a splendid gift for the jewelry maker you adore!




kr Packaged and ready for gift giving, the kit includes:

2 gorgeous Rue Romantique bezels (KR109 and KR102)
Rue Flip Book with Projects and Images

1 oz. ICE Resin plunger

1 oz. Paper Sealer
2 cups & 2 stir sticks
1 Brush
6 inches of gold rhinestone chain
2 jump rings

Project Instructions

A $50 value for under $40 dollars.

Quantities are limited.



Ribbons: Trapeze and Carousel












These beautiful Art Mechanique Ribbons are hand picked for you by Susan to use in your Wearable Art and Mixed Media Projects. Add a bit of light and color to your next piece. They work great with our Tassel Bezels!

Art Mechanique Ribbons: Trapeze (On Left) Carousel (On Right)           $3.00 ON SALE!!                    


WAS $8.00 each 

Sale: $3.00 While Supplies Last!!

Trapeze is no longer available.


Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise

Collage Book Pack

Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise                      



WAS $8.00 each    NOW $4.00 each

This Flip Book is loaded with page after page of gorgeous collage that will slip right into the background of any bezel. The images are unique and couldn’t be easier to use- the collage is already done for you, so when you choose an image from a page, each and every time, you will get a little surprise bit of collage with it! And guess what? It’s double sided- there is a little bit of script on the back of each page so that when this collage paper gets under ICE Resin, and becomes transparent, you get just a hint of a layered effect, without the trouble of planning for it. If you don’t like a layered look, check out our new Paper Sealer, below.

On Sale 50% off

Sterling Silver Rectangular Stick Bezel, Small

Sterling Silver Rectangular Stick Bezel, Small               SLK501SS

$8.00 each (Special Price – Retail Only)

This Sterling Silver Rectangular Stick Bezel is a sweet design and will frame your artwork beautifully! Its small size lends to its versatility. Inside bezel dimensions are .75 cm x 1.5 cm; the outer stick dimensions are 2.5 cm x 3 cm. This is a deep bezel at 0.5 cm which adds to its design. One per package.

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