Focus on new works in jewelry and Resin as it has never been presented before….sand, scratch, cast and scraffitto your way into creating unique objects and ancient artifacts in jewelry in combination with metal. Focus and build with resin using multiple thin layers while learning new techniques and application for scratching, crackling, engraving, transferring of imagery, making marks and coloring surface during this 6 hour class.


Set your finished components with filigree bezel wire…brazing presented.

Each student will leave with a few pendants and components, a journal full of ideas and a whole new direction to focus your work.


Kit fee $25.00- includes bronze sheet metal, rubber silicone, a few bezels, 1 oz resin and resin to use in class, mica flakes, powders and cold enamels, solder, sand paper, wire and expendables. Kit Fee is to be paid paid to instructor at time of class.

resin-slkPlease bring-optional-   hot 60 watt bulb and lamp, ( this is for drying resin so we can build in layers.) , rusted found bezel such as coco lid, jar lid or any type of cup shape,  meaningful small objects such as photos, inclusions such as text, leaves, sticks, herbs, sand, dried flowers. Objects to cast, (I will have some as well)

Sunday, February 1, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at To Bead True Blue

Price: $80.00


Enamels-Sgraffito + Symbolism – Making your own Mark with Susan Lenart Kazmer

SLK2 (640x427)Learn wet and dry enamel in this hands on workshop, as you paint, scratch, draw, and layer your ideas onto copper while creating a vocabulary for enamel techniques and patterns. This workshop focuses on exploring the use of color and texture, from sifting, to painting and sgraffito, a scratching away technique that exposes another color fired underneath.

In this 6 hour workshop, learn to make marks, text and symbolism to express yourself in jewelry created by using carbon pencils, enamel crayons and decal transfer. Other techniques presented are use of stencils, rubber stamps and pressing objects and marking into wet enamels.
Liquid enamels can be mixed to create your own colors. This application opens up many new possibilities within enamel work. Learn a handful of new ideas and create a few finished pieces. Kiln and torch used in this workshop.


Kit fee $25.00- Includes- copper sheet (what you need for the class) copper wire and all expendables such as powdered glass enamels. Kit fee is due to instructor at time of class.

Please bring- jewelers saw, size 03 blades, anvil, bench pin, (or tin snips) wire snips, chain nose and needle nose pliers, ball peen hammer, files, anvil, awl, vice, optional drill

Monday, February 2, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at To Bead True Blue

Price: $80.00


COLD ENAMELING presented by Susan Lenart Kazmer

cold-e-1Reminiscent of this ancient technique and colorful appearance of enamelwork. ….color on metal

Cold enameling is an innovative technique using color on metal and a glass like appearance using resin. Often mistaken for glass, this product in combination with array colorful and surprising metal techniques. This workshop makes use of the enameling process. Explore techniques such as crackling, matte surface, basse taille,  plique a jour, cloisonné, and even paint to create color, design, texture on metal.  Also learn to create stone surfaces such as opal, fire opal and druzy. In this fast paced 3 hour workshop finish multiple components that will need time to dry.

Kit fee- 25.00 includes bronze sheet metal, wire, rivets, ice resin, paints, mica and all colors used to create cold enameling. Please pay Kit Fee to instuctor at time of class.

ce-2Tools that I will provide- dapping blocks, forming blocks, ring mandrel, bracelet mandrel, extra wire for class, (all gauges)

Please bring- jewelers saw or metal snips,  03 blades or what you are comfortable with, vice,  files, ball peen hammer, anvil, center punch, all paints and expendables, pliers-needle nose, chain nose, and wire snips.

Wednesday, February 4, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at To Bead True Blue

Price: $50.00

WIRE- Ancient techniques on New Frontiers – Forging + Brazing presented by Susan Lenart Kazmer

forge-1Wire and fiber has been a prominent medium in ethnographic jewelry and adornment for centuries and used for binding, connecting, decorating and building of components.. Through many years of my own research and ethnographic repair, I have employed these same ideas to build my own unique body of work, influenced by my fashion experience, in forged wire.

In this workshop, learn to make your jewelry stronger, more interesting, unique, and personal by exploring new ideas for soldering, shaping, finishing and building of multiple components.

Students in this 6 hour workshop will be challenged to think beyond traditional jewelry design to create jewelry that is both sculptural and wearable while attaining techniques for hand hammering, flattening and forging of round wire.

Learn control with appropriate tools, safety and shaping techniques with correct stance and posture when hammering.  Sheet metal and wire used.

braze-1Kit fee-$25.00 Includes-wire -10, 16, 18 and 20 gauge wire and 24 gauge sheet metal in bronze or copper,  (please bring your own silver if you would prefer it) expendables. Kit Fee is payable to instructor at time of class.

Please Bring- jewelers saw and size 3 blade (or what you are comfortable with) bench pin, (or tin snips) anvil, vice, hammer with a flat side, pliers-round needle nose, chain nose, wire snips. Sandpaper, flexible shaft + small wood block to drill onto(optional) , metal files,

I will supply fire bricks, torches, soldering material, 2 flexible shaft, and drill bits.

Tuesday, February 3, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at To Bead True Blue

Price: $80.00


Over the Moon Cast Resin Charm Bracelet with Jen Cushman


Treasure hunters take heed. If you love incorporating unique found objects into your mixed-media jewelry, this is a techniques-based workshop tailor-made for you. Learn how to make molds from a handful of your favorite objects using a non-toxic silicone molding putty and then how to make resin castings from the molds. Discover how to completely alter your resin castings with paint and patinas and transform them into entirely new art components.  Students will leave with a finished charm bracelet featuring a resin casting set into a bezel, along with bead links and a handmade clasp.

Kit fee: $15 – payable to instructor at time of class.

Supplies to bring:

Found objects. Smooth ones, flat ones, round ones, intricate detail, interesting texture ones, old doll parts, keys, shells, gears, buttons, etc. Look around your studio at interesting objects and bring about a dozen.

2 paint brushes

travel size baby wipes

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

I will have crystals in the kit for bead dangles, but if you wish to personalize you charm bracelet, bring charms in a theme or beads in your favorite color palette.

This 3 hours class takes place at To Bead True Blue on Wednesday, February 4th from 3 until 6 p.m.

Price: $50.00

Vivid Wire Links: Wrapped, Coiled and Colored with Jen Cushman


One of the most rewarding aspects of making your own jewelry is seeing the hand of the artist in your work. Learning how to make gorgeous pieces from a spool of humble wire is an art for all unto itself. Fortunately, making components from wire is not only fulfilling, it’s economical on your pocketbook and easier than you might think. In this workshop, learn how to make unique wireworked links and clasps and then how to chain them together into one seamless necklace. For an added burst of vivid color, we’ll be adding cold enameling to our wirework that’s beautiful and permanent.


300-necklaceCushmanJen.LinksClaspsKit fee: $15  – Kit fee is payable to instructor at time of class.

Supply list:

Chain nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Sharpie Marker or Wubbers Large Round Mandrel pliers

Pencil or Wubbers Medium Round Mandrel pliers

Flush wire cutters

Steel bench block or small anvil

Chasing hammer

0000 extra fine steel wool

Emery board



This 4 hour class takes place at To Bead True Blue on Thursday, February 5 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Price: $65.00

Take Flight Copper Cuff with Jen Cushman


Let your imagination take flight with a cold enameled cuff that shows the world you’ve got game when it comes to your metalworking skills – annealing, forging, fold forming and riveting. We’ll start by making a basic copper cuff and use it as a substrate to ignite our creativity. Various ideas for color, design and form will be demonstrated throughout the workshop to spark your imagination, but the freedom to make it your own is completely in your hands. See how simple it is to create the look of torch- fired enamels with quick melting enamel powders and ICE Resin.

Kit fee: $15 – Kit fee is payable to instructor at time of class.


Supply list:

Jewelry Pliers; flat nose and chain nose

Wire cutters

Steel bench block

Ball Peen or Chasing Hammer

French Shears or Jeweler’s Saw with 3/0 blades and bench pin

0000 extra fine steel wool

Checkering file from the hardware store or flat jewelry file

This 3 hour class happens at To Bead True Blue on Thursday, February 5 from 3 until 6 p.m.

Price: $50.00

France 2015 Workshop Deposit

france workshop$3,200 includes double occupancy bedrooms at La Cascade, meals, instruction and a comprehensive kit to build your pieces. Space is limited. $1800 deposit secures your spot.


Price: $1,800.00