• ICE Resin Rune Bezel: Round
  • ICE Resin Ephemera
  • ICE Resin Bezel Templates: Milan, Rune
  • ICE Resin
  • ICE Resin Opals: Cobalt
  • ICE Resin Findings
  • ICE Resin Leather 
  • ICE Resin Leather Adhesive
  • Rhinestone Bling
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Ribbons and Strings

  • Sometimes I’m in front of a piece and it sort of speaks to me! I just looove this bezel, there’s energy in it and the new bling gave me the direction I needed to create it. Once I poured that sparkly blue I saw the sky and moon and stars all together, it just had to happen! Want to know how to make it? Come with me and check the making of the moon and the stars!!!

    Moon and Stars Necklace by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 1: As you can see I was going in a different direction until I sprinkled the Cobalt Opals into the bezel and a different vision materialized!!! I used the original template to draw a smaller circle on the ephemera and hand cut a quarter moon out of it. After setting the moon I added 3 Swarovski crystals to represent the stars

    Moon and Stars Necklace by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 2: Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions. Add the resin, carefully pour as the blue sparkly bits don’t weigh much and you don’t want to disturb their placement. Wait 25 minutes on your prepared resin and start painting the resin in the metal to secure the crystals to the bezel. You can’t do this with freshly made resin because you’ll have a hot mess, be patient, it’ll work like a dream!

    Moon and Stars Necklace by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 3: Using the ICE Resin Leather adhesive adhere ribbons and strings to one of the ICE Resin findings.  I find securing a knot not only keeps it all together but it also helps in the gluing process. Do the same with the leather so you’re necklace will be ready when the bezel cures. I just can’t wait to wear this one!!!!

    Milagros RiveraHello! My name is Milagros C Rivera and I’m a mixed media artists who loves to explore and experiment with all kinds of mediums. I was raised in a creative home, everybody did something ceramics, sewing, baking, jewelry, wood, glass, no medium was off limits! I continue to play and learn without having to restrict myself to just one thing! I live in the sunny island of Puerto Rico with my husband, 2 amazing kids and a menagerie of pets that make my life complete! I’m currently on the Design Team and Social Media Coordinator for Relics and Artifacts. You can find me on my blog as well as follow me on Instagram, Snapguide, and YouTube.