• ICE Resin®
  • ICE Resin® Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
  • ICE Resin® Tints
  • ICE Resin® Leather Cord
  • ICE Resin® Findings
  • ICE Resin® German Glass Glitter Shards
  • Tim Holtz® Alcohol Lift-Ink Pad
  • Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Yupo®
  • Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Blending Tool and Felt
  • Wendy Vecchi Perfect Cardstock
  • Wire
  • Sandra Evertson Taperstries Stamp Set

  • Playing with Tints and Alcohol Inks is one of my fave things to do. With Tim Holtz Lift-Ink, it’s another ballgame. So, of course, I had to try it with ICE Resin! I used a set of stamps from Sandra Evertson called Tapestries and the prints are truly unique. Since I got in the zone with the pink one, I went ahead and recreated all my steps in the cool blues so you know what to do!

     Tapestries in Resin by Milagros Rivera| www.iceresin.com

    Step 1: You’ve read me doing this quite a few times but here we go again! I like the size of the ICE Resin mixing cups to be used as a mold. It is the perfect size to create a pendant ( in my opinion!). So mix ICE Resin® according to package instructions, pour, wait until it cures and pop out. I wanted to show you what happens if you don’t use a clean one, the bottom comes icky, but you can still use it since you’ll prepare more resin! When you mix and pour in a separate cup the pendant comes out pristine and perfect but since you maybe don’t have a new cup this is what happens so don’t fret!

    As you can see the width is also perfect for a pendant. This will be the base for the blue pendant

     Tapestries in Resin by Milagros Rivera| www.iceresin.com

    Step 2: Pour your inks in blues and greens onto a piece of Yupo Paper, moist your stamp with Lift-Ink and stamp over the Alcohol Inks. Have a piece of white cardstock hanging by (Wendy Vecchi’s Perfect Cardstock is just that perfect!) And clean your stamp with your lifted ink. It works like a charm. Then lightly dab your stamped image using the Alcohol Ink Blending Tool with a clean piece of felt on the alcohol base, and gently swirl to reveal your image!

     Tapestries in Resin by Milagros Rivera| www.iceresin.com

    Step 3: Taking advantage of your previously icky circle, adhere it to the part of the paper you like best and cut to size. Otherwise prepare resin and use it to adhere the previously cut circle. Cut a piece of wire that will be enough to wrap around your bead three times. Prepare the resin, pour over the bead to level the height, leave some of the resin to stand a couple of hours until it’s very, very sticky. That’s what you’ll use to help wrap the bead in wire!

     Tapestries in Resin by Milagros Rivera| www.iceresin.com

    Step 4: Once it cures for a day, come back and add more wire and more resin and maybe a few shards of German Glass Glitter. To finish it up, cut a small length of wire to create the bail that will hold it in the chain or cord. This helps me secure any wires that may still be in need of attachment.

    Milagros RiveraHello! My name is Milagros C Rivera and I’m a mixed media artists who loves to explore and experiment with all kinds of mediums. I was raised in a creative home, everybody did something ceramics, sewing, baking, jewelry, wood, glass, no medium was off limits! I continue to play and learn without having to restrict myself to just one thing! I live in the sunny island of Puerto Rico with my husband, 2 amazing kids and a menagerie of pets that make my life complete! I’m currently on the Design Team and Social Media Coordinator for Relics and Artifacts. You can find me on my blog as well as follow me on Instagram, Snapguide, and YouTube.