• ICE Resin
  • ICE Resin Ephemera
  • ICE Resin Tissue Paper
  • ICE Resin Milán Bezel
  • ICE Resin Milan Bezel Template
  • ICE Resin Studio Sheet
  • ICE Resin Paper Sealer
  • ICE Resin German Glass Glitter: Amethyst 
  • Dylusions Stamp: Cobweb
  • Ranger Archival Ink: Jet Black


There’s a fine line between what your brain envisions and reality. Have you ever felt that way? I’ve been celebrating Halloween with my kids for 22 years and this year my son is away in college and my daughter is in boarding school and I’ll feel the emptiness in a house otherwise filled with them and their friends for trick or treating.  I can’t tell you how many of those years I’ve been a witch, sometimes a scary cackling one and sometimes a cute good witch, lol! So I leave you with a witchy inspiration using Ice Resin ephemera to create my pendant!

Step 1: To create my witch I chose a couple of images. One a very serious lady and one of a couple of friends where one was wearing a hat. Very carefully cut that hat and using the paper sealer as glue fit it to your girl. Find one black colored ephemera to finish the triangle portion of your hat. Then apply the paper sealer both to the Milan Bezel and the image to seal.

Step 2: I didn’t want the color of the original halo behind the lady so I carefully added the German Glass Glitter behind her.

Step 3: Use  Dylusions cobweb stamp for added emphasis and create a resin paper. Be very careful in your positioning so you can still see her fierceness through the web!  Prepare the Ice Resin following the instruction, pour and leave it to cure overnight.

Step 4: This is when things don’t go according to plan. The next day I added the resin paper and left it overnight to cure. When I saw it the next morning a pocket had formed and the resin paper had a pocket in between the bezel. I wanted to cry,,, but since maybe some of you may find yourself in the same position I needed to find a way to fix it.  So I prepared a new batch of ICE Resin and rolled my sleeves to work.

Step 5: I used some packing tape to seal the opposite side and carefully sneaked the resin in!

Milagros Rivera

Hello! My name is Milagros C Rivera and I’m a mixed media artists who loves to explore and experiment with all kinds of mediums. I was raised in a creative home, everybody did something ceramics, sewing, baking, jewelry, wood, glass, no medium was off limits! I continue to play and learn without having to restrict myself to just one thing! I live in the sunny island of Puerto Rico with my husband, 2 amazing kids and a menagerie of pets that make my life complete! I’m currently on the Design Team and Social Media Coordinator for Relics and Artifacts. You can find me on my blog as well as follow me on Instagram, Snapguide, and YouTube.