• ICE Resin®
  • ICE Resin® Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks
  • ICE Resin® Opals: Pink Topaz Opal, Citrine Opal, Periodt Opal, Aquamarine Opal
  • ICE Resin® Glass Glitter: Amethyst
  • ICE Resin® Luminous Layers
  • ICE Resin® Paper Sealers
  • ICE Resin® Leather
  • ICE Resin® Industrial Bezel
  • ICE Resin® Leather Glue
  • ICE Resin® Leather Cord: Black
  • ICE Resin® Findings

  • When my daughter was little she was obsessed with organizing my cardstock in the order of the rainbow. Anything she could put in that order including her markers and pencils she would. I guess to this day the obsession follows, so when I received the new opals, (gorgeousness) I enlisted her to put them in the proper order and made this necklace for her. I added the purple German glass glitter to finish it up.

     The Colors of the Rainbow by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 1: Mark you bezel in the back of the luminous layer paper and cut to size. Fit inside bezel and using the paper sealer glue to the back and seal on top. Next add the opals very carefully layering each color. I use a very tiny spoon by Tim Holtz to do that. Remember the opals are weightless so you have to be very careful when adding them.
    Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions, and instead of pouring directly use the stirring spoon to carefully drop the resin. Wait several minutes, as the resin finds its way to the bottom of the bezel it will bubble like a volcano! Don’t fret and be prepared to add more resin, this is what I meant when I said the opals are weightless, you’ll notice the German glass because of its weight will be easy to see the resin find its way to the bottom. You’ll probably have to add resin twice more after the initial pour.

     The Colors of the Rainbow by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 2: The beauty of the opals is un compared once the resin hits them they light up and they’ll sparkle and reflect like nothing else. Make a second batch of resin and pour to create the dome. I measured 17 inches of leather and then I split them in two. I wanted to grab the bezel horizontally, this is also a great idea if you want to use it as a bracelet!

     The Colors of the Rainbow by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 3: For the leather necklace. I like mine with a double strand. Just the smallest drop of Ice Resin leather glue is enough. Connect the leather to the finding and let dry. Once it dries attach the clasp and you’re ready to wear your new pendant.

     ICE Resin® Mosaic by Milagros Rivera | www.iceresin.com

    Step 4: Add the smallest drop of leather glue to the finding. Let dry, once it dries you can finish attaching the clasp

    Milagros RiveraHello! My name is Milagros C Rivera and I’m a mixed media artists who loves to explore and experiment with all kinds of mediums. I was raised in a creative home, everybody did something ceramics, sewing, baking, jewelry, wood, glass, no medium was off limits! I continue to play and learn without having to restrict myself to just one thing! I live in the sunny island of Puerto Rico with my husband, 2 amazing kids and a menagerie of pets that make my life complete! I’m currently on the Design Team and Social Media Coordinator for Relics and Artifacts. You can find me on my blog as well as follow me on Instagram, Snapguide, and YouTube.