• ICE Resin®
  • ICE Resin® Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks
  • ICE Resin® Studio Sheet
  • ICE Resin® Rune Bezels: Antique Bronze Ellipse, Antique Bronze Shield
  • ICE Resin® Rune Bezel Template
  • ICE Resin® Jewelry Wires
  • Pencil
  • Silk or Chain
  • Scissors
  • Flower Image
  • Seed Pods

  • I adore using ICE Resin to preserve little bits of nature. Everything from flowers to moss to tiny twigs somehow makes it into ICE Resin at my house. I was walking out to my studio and noticed some lily pods that weathered and looked very fragile and delicate. I wanted a way to preserve that beauty, so I gathered a few and took them into the studio to make these sweet bezels.


    Step 1: Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions, allow the indicated wait time. Split the resin in half by pouring some in a second cup. Once the resin has rested, dip your seed pods in the resin and coat them completely. Then rest the pod on the edge of the cup to allow the extra resin to drip out into the cup.


    Step 2: Choose an image from the discarded book. Use the Bezel template to trace the shape and cut out. Add a bit of resin to the bottom of the bezel. Add the book page image and add more resin to the top. Fill bezel about half full.


    Step 3: Add your seed pod to the bezel in a pleasing manner. If needed, add more resin. Allow piece to cure.
    Once cured, make a wrapped bail in the top of each bezel with the medium length balled jewelry wires. Wrap a long one around the bezel for a little extra interest. Slip in silk or chain and you are done.


    Tips & Tricks:

  • Collect seeds and bits of nature to use in your ICE Resin creations. Tiny pinecones, pebbles, dried flowers, seed pods, sticks and moss can be collected to make wonderful creations.
  • I like the look of a translucent image but if you do not, seal the image with Paper Sealer on both sides and let it dry before adding to the bezel.
  • These would make special Christmas ornaments. You could save someone’s favorite flower, flowers out of a special bouquet, sea shells or pebbles from a special trip, etc.

  • Brooke Bock I am Brooke Bock and I live with my amazingly supportive husband, daughter, 2 dogs, cat and flock of chickens in rural Pennsylvania. I collect things old, rusty and intriguing. I am a kindergarten teacher which I think spills over into my art in many ways. I love to create with whatever I have on hand and have been featured in many Stampington and Company titles such as Jewelry Affaire, Belle Armoire jewelry, GreenCraft, Haute Handbags, Willow and Sage and more. I am honored to be a Friend of ICE Resin. You can see more of my work on my blog as well as follow me on Facebook, my personal Pinterest, and my website Pinterest.