• Ice Resin® Plunger
  • Ice Resin® Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks
  • Ice Resin® Studio Sheet
  • Ice Resin® Industrial Bezel Medium Round: Rose
  • Ice Resin® Findings Endcaps & Jump Rings: Rose
  • Ice Resin® Silk Sari Ribbon: Jewel
  • Ice Resin® Opals: Aquamarine, Pink Topaz
  • Tim Holtz Kushgrip Snips
  • Epoxy Glue
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Wooden Skewer

My best friend Amy lives in Maine. I live in New Jersey. Although there are miles and miles between us we have found creative ways to stay connected. We are both extremely fortunate to live close to the beach. We share a love of sea glass. Last summer Amy sent me an entire jar of sea glass from Maine. I decided that a great way to keep us connected was to mix pieces of sea glass from Maine with pieces of sea glass I found here in New Jersey. I wanted a beautiful reminder of our friendship, something we are both physically able to touch to remind us that we’re not so far apart after all.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet | www.iceresin.com

Step 1: Gather the supplies you will need to make this bracelet.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet | www.iceresin.com

Step 2: Chose some small pieces of sea glass and arrange them in the bezels so they lay flat. Stack the smaller, flatter pieces on top of each other careful not to have the sea glass extend higher than the bezel itself. Colored sea glass – blue, brown, green will be best for this project as clear sea glass becomes transparent and will not show up once the resin dries and hardens. I learned this little tip after using clear glass in my project.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet Resin | www.iceresin.com

Step 3: Using the Ice Resin Plunger, squeeze the resin and hardener into a mixing cup. This is important – do not squeeze directly from the plunger into the bezels. You must squeeze the resin and hardener into a separate cup first and mix using the mixing spoon. If you squeeze directly from the plunger into the bezels your resin will not harden. They must be physically mixed together. Then pour the mix into the bezels being careful not to overfill them. Place them in a small aluminum tray and sprinkle a few pinches of the Aquamarine and Pink Topaz Opals on them. Let sit overnight to cure.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet Jump Ring | www.iceresin.com

Step 4: Using pliers, gently open the end of the jump ring and connect it to the end cap. Do not tighten the jump ring at this point.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet Ribbon | www.iceresin.com

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet Ribbon | www.iceresin.com

Step 5: Cut two pieces of Sari Ribbon approximately 12 inches long. Twist the ends to make them smaller. Dab a small amount of epoxy on the end of the Sari Ribbon and slowly feed it into the closure using a wooden skewer. A toothpick would also work for this step. Work slowly and take the time to ensure that the epoxy and ribbon are secure on each end of the Sari Ribbon. Repeat this step for each end on both pieces of ribbon. Let dry for 2-3 hours.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet Closure | www.iceresin.com

Step 6: Once the ribbon is dry and secure in the closures, connect the jump ring to the bezel. Be very gentle when you close the jump ring. Too much pressure and you will bend the jump ring distorting the shape.

 ICE Resin Sea Glass Bracelet | www.iceresin.com

Step 7: Snip the ribbon and your braclet is complete.

Kristi Nazzaro Kristi Nazzaro is a wife, mama and mixed media artist from New Jersey. She enjoys all areas of mixed media and can be found most often creating altered art tags with strong, positive messages. She also enjoys working in her many art journals where she can creatively express and document her day to day life. Kristi can be found on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/soul_positive.