ICE Resin® Honeycomb Bracelet by Brooke Bock


      • ICE Resin®
      • ICE Resin® Mixing Cups and Stir Sticks
      • ICE Resin® Studio Sheet
      • ICE Resin® Jewelry Wires
      • ICE Resin® Silk Sari Ribbon: Neutral
      • ICE Resin® Tints: Yarrow
      • Clasp
      • Scissors
      • 14 Gauge Steel Wire
      • Hammer
      • Side Cutter
      • Needle Nose Pliers
      • Honeycomb Bee Silicone Mold
      • Beads (wood, glass, flower, seed)
      • Waxed Linen Cord
      • Drill and Drill Bit
      • PliersI am a firm believer in the fact that one special artisan component can make a piece of jewelry really, really special. As soon as I popped these honey bees and honeycomb pieces out of the mold, I knew they were something amazing. One of my favorite things to make is multi-strand bracelets, so I was eager to try them out with the new Silk Sair Ribbon from ICE Resin. I had so much fun but these need to come with a warning….they are terribly addictive to make and wear. One will just be the beginning.https://www.iceresin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Brooke-Bock-Honeycomb-Bracelet_Step1.jpg

        Step 1: Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions, allow the indicated wait time.


        Step 2: Add Several drops of Yarrow Tint until desired hue is reached. Stir and allow bubbles to rise and settle.


        Step 3: Pour Resin into mold. I mixed a full cup and poured several sections. Allow resin to cure.


        Step 4: Pop Honeycombs from mold. Sand any sharp edges from the back.


        Step 5: Drill a hole in each side of the resin piece. For extra stability, place resin piece on a piece of scrap wood when you are drilling.


        Step 6: Next make a wrapped bail in the side of each honeycomb with the longest length balled jewelry wires.


        Step 7: Add a piece of Sari silk long enough to wrap around your wrist 3-6 times. Allow extra for tying a knot.


        Step 8: For the multi-strand bracelet, cut 2 pieces of waxed linen cord about 2 feet long. Fold in half and pass through one of the bail loops. Repeat to add strength. String desired beads on each strand until you reach the desired length. Cut a piece of heavy steel wire and shape a hook with needle nose pliers and hammer to work harden. Add handmade clasp to the bracelet. Add a piece of sari silk and weave it through the strands as desired.


        Tips & Tricks:

      • I have lots and lots of beads. Many are sorted by color and material in divided hardware boxes, but I also have cups of current favorites for bracelet making. I like to keep a variety of materials ready: seed beads, wood, bone, crystal, dagger, flower, leaves, glass, polymer etc. My little cups have multiple styles and all fit on a tary in my studio.
      • My rule for multi-strand bracelets is to add some unexpected texture or design element such as jump rings between beads, caps and cones, dagger beads, crystals or even rings that move kinetically over a short row of seed beads. I like to add different size beads as well.
      • This bracelet style is a great way to use up bits and pieces of beads . I like to do strands that have 3-5 kinds of beads and 3-6 of each bead style. This allows for very eclectic look and makes the bracelet a very versatile piece to co-ordinate with your wardrobe.

    Brooke Bock I am Brooke Bock and I live with my amazingly supportive husband, daughter, 2 dogs, cat and flock of chickens in rural Pennsylvania. I collect things old, rusty and intriguing. I am a kindergarten teacher which I think spills over into my art in many ways. I love to create with whatever I have on hand and have been featured in many Stampington and Company titles such as Jewelry Affaire, Belle Armoire jewelry, GreenCraft, Haute Handbags, Willow and Sage and more. I am honored to be a Friend of ICE Resin. You can see more of my work on my blog as well as follow me on Facebook, my personal Pinterest, and my website Pinterest.