• Ice Resin®
  • Ice Resin® Cups and Stir Sticks
  • Ice Resin® Studio Sheets
  • Ice Resin® Industrial Bezels: Sterling Small Triangle
  • Ice Resin® Jewelry Mold: Industrial
  • Ice Resin® Opals: Crystal, Citrine
  • Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink: Peach Bellini
  • Tim Holtz® Idea-ology Spider
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Beads
  • Assorted Jewelry Findings

I am that person who actually likes to eat candy corn. I wait all year until the time rolls around when I can have that sugary goodness. I guess you could say I want candy!

Step 1: To make the candy corn necklace begin with a small triangle ICE Resin Industrial Bezel. Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions, and allow the indicated wait time. I mixed 30ml of ICE Resin and had a small amount left over. Allow to sit for 10 minutes or so. This will give the resin time to become thicker. Divide ICE Resin into three cups. In the first cup add a healthy amount of ICE Resin Crystal Opals. Mix resin and opals together then add a couple drops of white acrylic paint. Do not overdo the paint or your percentages will be off and the resin will not cure. Once mixed, check the consistency of the resin. Your will want a “chunky” texture. This will allow you to put the resin in the bezel without the colors spreading.

Step 2: In the next cup mix a small amount of resin with ICE Resin Crystal Opal. Then add a drop or two of Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink in Peach Bellini. Mix to colorize resin and opal mixture. Again, check texture to make sure it is chunky and thick.

Step 3: In the last cup, mix ICE Resin with ICE Resin Citrine Opals. Add Opals until you achieve the appropriate texture.

Step 4: Apply each color of mixed resin and opals to the bezel to resemble candy corn. Allow to fully cure for 3 days.

Step 5: While waiting for the bezel to cure, gather some beads to match the candy corn pendant. I always have repurposed beads hanging around from thrift store finds. Add beads to head pins and connect with jump rings. Attach chain and infinity sign to complete necklace. The finishing touch is the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Spider.

ICE Resin Candy Corn Necklace

Now I have my own candy and it’s calorie free!!

Melissa winters Melissa Winters (PurpleARtLoVE) lives in Granville, Ohio with her family and herd of animals. By day she works for a large veterinary distribution company. Melissa has been featured in Belle Amoire and Green Craft magazine. If you can’t come visit Canal Market District in person, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/purpleartlove.