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ICE Resin® is the signature, proprietary product of Susan Lenart Kazmer, LLC.

When Susan started working with resin a dozen years ago, she could not find one that satisfied her needs as an artists so she worked with a chemist to design her own product.

ICE Resin® customers requested a cap that was easier to take on and off and Susan decided that it was also time to take advantage of innovations in resin technology.

ICE Resin® is still:

Jeweler’s Grade – your creativity will last a lifetime.

Crystal Clear –the beautiful, glass-like finish is more transparent. Properly cared for, your jewelry will not fade or become brittle.

Naturally Doming—like water bubbles on a freshly waxed car, ICE Resin has surface tension, and this tension allows the user to fill a bezel and make a dome.

Self-Leveling—because of its surface tension, ICE Resin levels itself in a project.

Self-Healing—the user can sand an area of ICE Resin out of a project, mix a new batch of ICE Resin and paint the resin on or pour the resin into the area and viola! Just like the cat hair, stray piece of glitter, et cetera never happened.

Cold Cure –because ICE Resin® was formulated with an 8 to 12 hour drying time and 3 day cure time, the user can color the resin with organics an/or place organic matter in their arts and crafts projects.

You may wear your jewelry as soon as ICE Resin® is dry to the touch.

ICE Resin is a 2-part epoxy resin.

Part A is the Resin. It has a slightly blue tint.

Part B is the hardener. It has a very slight yellow tint.

Part A and Part B must be poured with a one-to-one ratio and mixed gently but thoroughly for ICE Resin to dry and cure properly.

Pleasing new scent / Low odor

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Create with ICE Resin®:

  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
  • Collage work
  • Paper: Paint a thin coat of ICE Resin® on tissue or other thin paper and it will remain pliable and become translucent.
  • It can be used as glue.
  • Iced Enamels™
  • Drill it, sand it, sgraffito it
  • Use it over polymer clay
  • Color it with a tiny dab of acrylic paint
  • Color it with dry spices
  • Place organics in it (plants, butterfly wings, etc. must be dry).
  • Inclusions: Paper, metal, charms, beads, botanicals, gears, sand, fabric, feathers; just about anything can be embedded in ICE Resin®.
  • Cast and mold
  • Paint on it
  • Stamp on it
  • Create layers


  • Moving bezel after pouring = possibly breaking the surface tension and spilling your dome.
  • If you are adding inclusions, air may get trapped and create bubbles. You can use a toothpick to pop bubbles within about 25 minutes of your pour.
  • Baby wipes are handy for cleaning up any resin drips before they dry.
  • You can sand, or file, and sometimes cut off dry resin drips.
  • You have about 25 minutes to use a mixed batch of ICE Resin, depending on room temperature. When a room is below 65 degrees, you may want to warm your plunger in a pan of hot tap water for 15 minutes before mixing.
  • Humid conditions can cause resin to take up to 24 hours to dry.
  • If you are doing a production run of 50+ bezels, do allow for adequate ventilation.
  • You may warm a poured bezel under a task lamp for up to 10 minutes, provided the task lamp bulb is at least 10 inches from the surface of the bezel.
  • ICE Resin® is waterproof, however we do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the water.
  • Images: Sealing photographs is a matter of creative taste. If images are color copied or laser printed you can use Art Mechanique™ Paper Sealant to seal an image, front and back, making sure it is dry before placing it in a bezel.
  • ICE Resin® takes 3 days to fully cure so during this time all you need to do is avoid putting a newly-made piece in an airtight container because a lack of oxygen might cause the piece to become cloudy.
  • Temperature: Resin can be affected by the temperature in a room. When a room is below 65 degrees, you may want to warm your plunger in a pan of hot tap water for 15 minutes before mixing. Humid conditions can cause resin to take up to 24 hours to dry.
  • Stickiness is usually the result of one of two things; either the proportions of the resin and hardener were off (not quite enough hardener as opposed to too much), or the resin was not stirred thoroughly or long enough (usually it’s due to not scraping down the sides and into the crevices at the edges of the bottom of the cup).
  • You can “fix” sticky resin by completely coating the piece with a new layer of freshly mixed resin.  Assuming the new batch is properly mixed, it will seal in the sticky or soft resin beneath it and your pieces should be fine.
  • ICE Resin® molds do not have to be silicone, but they do need to be flexible. Silicone is the recommended release medium.


ICE Resin® should never be heated as its being mixed, poured or curing. No torch, no craft heat gun, no UV light.

It is fine to wear pieces created with ICE Resin® outdoors, of course, but they should not be stored or displayed in a place where direct sunlight is constant for days or weeks on end.

An excess of Part B Hardener will not improve the finished product. ICE Resin® is formulated for a one-to-one ratio of Part A Resin and Part B Hardener.

Wet flowers or moss should not be put in ICE Resin®. Dried flowers (spices, insect wings) only please.

Iced Enamels™ were expressly developed for creative people who enjoy the look of torch-fired or kiln-fired enamels as much as we do. Combine our Enamel Medium with our quick-melting Relique powders and solidify with a craft heat gun for beautiful mixed-media metalwork in minutes. Seal with a thin coat of ICE ResinÒ to create a permanent Cold Enameling bond that will never rub off or fade over time. Use Iced Enamels™ in our new mixed metal bezels or on our Talisman Silhouettes for art that lasts lifetimes.

Our Iced Enamels™ program is a unique, custom formulated, proprietary Cold Enameling system for permanent adhesion of color on metal. Our custom system of enameling powders, enameling medium and ICE Resin® work symbiotically to create a permanent, jeweler’s grade bond of color on all types of metals, from precious metals to base metals.

Iced Enamels™ are the heart of our new Cold Enameling program. Choose any of our beautiful Iced Enamel Powders: Carnelian, Torched Copper, Garnet, Amethyst, Raspberry, Ivory, Turquoise, Pewter, Tarnished Bronze, German Silver, and Chartreuse Relique, specially formulated with 14 inclusions so that your customers can create a vintage grunge look to their mixed media jewelry and collages. Add jazz with Iced Enamels™ Relique Glitz Powders, Shattered Mica flakes, Opal or Fire Opal Shattered Inclusions.

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