Casting with ICE Resin®

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artist: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Casting Your Object:

There are many ways to cast using ICE Resin.  The fastest and easiest way is to use  Art Mechanic Jeweler’s Grade Molding Putty.

The first step is Building a Mold.

Think about your work surface. While your mold is curing it will cling to whatever surface you lay it on, so use a portable surface like a plastic bag so you can move it around.

Now gather your materials into one area: your work surface, your molding putty and your object.

Open your fresh containers of Art Mechanique Jeweler’s Grade Molding Putty. This molding putty picks up the finest details in your object and works very quickly.

Measure equal parts of the molding putty into your hands, mix well for about a minute until the putty is a uniform color and has no striations.

Now either press or embed your object into the putty: press it in halfway for a relief mold where one side will be flat. Or, embed your piece completely inside the molding putty by pulling the putty around the sides of your piece. You have about three minutes of working time. After this the putty begins to cure, or stiffen up. If you have made any mistakes at this point, just mix up more putty and add to what you have built.

Within 25 minutes the putty will be completely cured. Now pull or cut your object out of the putty using your fingers or a craft knife. If your piece is embedded, you don’t have to slice it all the way out- just pull on it. Notice how the putty bends around the protrusions of your object- no need to worry about casting with undercuts!

Casting with our Jeweler’s Grade Molding Putty is so easy- and now your mold is ready for an ICE Resin pour! And guess what? Casting with ICE Resin is easy too!

Pouring into your mold with ICE Resin:

1- Place your mold on a flat, perhaps portable, surface (like a paper plate) to prepare for the ICE Resin pour. You may need some sort of prop if your mold has an unbalanced bottom. More putty, clay or polymer clay make good propping materials. And layering a kitchen garbage bag between the plate and the putty makes everything release well later if you have any spills.

2- Mix your resin according to our instructions on the package: one part resin to one part hardener and mix thoroughly, at least 2 minutes, let sit for 5 minutes and pour into your mold.

3- Set aside and allow to cure for 6 – 8 hours. ICE Resin cures so that its hard to the touch in 6 to 10 hours, but continues to cure for three days.

4- When hard to the touch, wiggle your mold gently to release your cast piece.

5- Now is the time to do drilling and filing. After three days, the cast piece will be harder to work.

TIP: If you cast your piece just after creating the mold, your piece will have a matte look. That is because the putty was still actually curing even though it seemed hard. It’s fine to use the putty at this stage- the results are very interesting. From now on though, when you use this mold your castings will produce a crystal clear image. Both effects are nice.