Coloring ICE Resin®

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It is easy to add color to your ICE Resin®!

Our favorite way to add color is also the easiest way- by using oil paint. Oil paint has the richest, deepest pigment for ICE Resin. But if you cannot get ahold of oil paint, really, acrylic paint works beautifully too and bonds well with ICE Resin.

First, following the directions on the ICE Resin package, mix up your ICE Resin according to instructions.

Now that your ICE Resin is mixed and ready to go, place a tiny bit of oil-based paint onto a toothpick and stir it right in to the mixing cup with the ICE Resin. That’s it! Now pour your ICE Resin, as usual.

Coloring Techniques

artist: Jen Cushman

By using just a touch of paint on a toothpick, you’ll get beautiful sea-glass colors. By using more paint, you’ll get heavier, more opaque color. Transparent colors are some of the prettiest colors used in ICE Resin. They are color choices that have no white tinting- colors like red and blue right out of the tube. If you use pastel colors, you’ll get more opacity; colors like pink have a white tinting, and a more opaque effect.

If you want to mix your own colors, mix them together first by themselves in a different mixing cup or on a paper plate. Then add this premixed color to the ICE Resin. You’ll have a more consistent look to your color blend that way. Remember to add just a touch! You can always add more, but you can’t take it away!

Of course, you can add color in so many other ways too. If you want striated color, mix right in the ICE Resin cup! If you want an interesting drizzled look in your piece, mix two colors and pour them against each other.

There are other ways to achieve color effects without using oil paint too. Look around your house or studio. In the kitchen you may find paprika, dry mustard or pumpkin spice. These all make beautiful, natural color tones. Crushing chalk or pastel to a powder makes gorgeous neon type colors. Try Kool-aid; try graphite. Mica powder is especially beautiful, but quite opaque, and looks like some sort of gemstone. Mica comes in all types of color selections, and very soon, we’ll have our own line of Mica Powders in our Art Mechanique line.

Finally, don’t forget about sprinkling herbs, botanicals or glitter right into your bezel! Here at Art Mechanique, we have a line of German Glass Glitter that is superior in beauty to commercial glitter, although those can be fun as well.

The important thing to remember is to have fun and experiment, because unlike other resins, ICE Resin will bond well with any and all coloring choices you throw at it.  Happy Coloring!

red circada by Barb Saint John