How to use the ICE Resin® Plunger

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How to use the improved ICE Resin® Plunger:

  1. Work surface: Non-stick craft mat or plastic garbage bag (not a grocery bag).
  2. Twist off the cap from the center tubes.
  3. Wait a moment while the air in the tubes reaches the plunger top.
  4. Apply equal amounts of pressure to both tubes with your thumbs as you push the resin into the craft cup.
  5. Gently mix for 2 minutes with a craft stir stick, carefully scraping the sides as you mix.
  6. Allow mixed resin to sit for approximately 5 minutes to allow any bubbles to dissipate.
  7. Use the same craft stick and drip resin into the bezel or pour resin directly from the cup until you are satisfied with your dome.
  8. You can use your craft stick to skim off the top any bubbles that form.