How to Mix ICE Resin® from the Doming Kit

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Step 1 How to use ICE Resin 1 Make two marks on your calibrated measuring cup with a permanent marker. One line for you Part A Resin measurement and the other for your Part B Hardener. Make sure each mark is the same amount!
Step 2 How to use ICE Resin 2 Snip the top off your bottles and put the dispensing caps on your Hardener and Resin bottles.
Step 3 How to use ICE Resin 3 Pour Part A Resin carefully to the first line you’ve drawn on your measuring cup. Make note where it is on the line as it settles, be exact.
Step 4 How to use ICE Resin 4 Now, pour Part B Hardener on top of Part A Resin to the second line you drew on your cup. Again, be exact.

  • You need to have very accurate measurements of equal amounts of resin to hardener to achieve a proper cure.
  • Mix at least 1/2 ounce or half of the measuring cup in order to have enough of both parts to fully activate its chemistry.
Step 5 How to use ICE Resin 5 Mix well, yet gently with a folding motion, by scraping the bottom and sides for at least 2 minutes. Mix until there are no striations and two parts are fully incorporated.
 Step 6 How to use ICE Resin 5_2 Allow mixed resin to rest for five minutes before pouring for bubbles to dissipate.
Step 7 How to use ICE Resin 6 Use your craft stick to drip ICE Resin® from the calibrated cup into your bezel or gently pour directly from cup into bezel.
Step 8 How to use ICE Resin 6_1 Dome the top of the resin by carefully adding drops of resin until you see a dome appear. 

Allow 8 to 12 hours to fully dry.



This batch will be useful for 30 to 45 minutes. It will then begin to set and must be discarded. If you feel it heat up it should be discarded. All mixing materials and cups must be discarded after the “batch life” is over and should not be mixed with another batch.


When you’re adding objects to your bezel, pour a thin layer of resin into the bottom of your bezel, add your items. You can move them around with your stir stick if necessary. Then continue pouring your resin to completely cover your objects. Come back after 20-30 minutes and poke around with a toothpick or peice of wire to make sure no bubbles are caught under your inclusions.

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