ICE Resin® and Photos


Art Journal created by Jen Cushman

You can easily use ICE Resin® with your scrapbooking and memory projects. Incorporating photos into jewelry is a hot trend in crafting right now. There are a few things to keep in mind to create successful memory projects with ICE Resin®.

You will need to seal your photographs before using ICE Resin® on them. If you are using photos that have been printed in a commercial photo studio, there are a few ways to properly seal your images.

The first method is for sealing a photo. You can coat the photo with our new Art Mechanique Paper Sealant  (just scroll down the page on the link to see it) or you could use gel medium from a craft store. When using pictures printed from your home inkjet printer, make sure the ink is nice and dry, then seal the images using our Art Mechanique Paper Sealant or use packing tape or clear contact paper over the front and back surface.

Whatever method you choose to create a barrier, be sure to completely seal the photo or print,front and back. If you don’t, the resin may leak into any unsealed paper surfaces and can cause the paper to have a mottled look. If using clear packing tape or clear contact paper, be sure to leave a tiny sealed edge around all corners of the picture.