Using ICE Resin® as Glue

Art Journal created by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Ice Resin® is also a wonderful “glue” or adhesive for found objects,  crystals, stones and mixed-media three dimensional colleges.

It will also bond glass, ceramic, cured polymer clays, precious metal clays (PMC), any glass stone or bead, metals of all types (both raw and plated).

To use as an adhesive, mix the two-part resin and hardener thoroughly and use as you would a glue. For example, to set a Swarovski crystal onto a piece of metal simply put a drop of glue on the flat back of the crystal and “glue” into place. Keep in mind this Kindergarten saying when using ICE Resin® as a glue: A drop is a lot!

ICE Resin® is popular with mixed-media artists and crafters  because you can create a small college inside a bezel using papers, beads, buttons, shells, keys, found objects, etc. and forever seal the three-dimensional college in resin.

The resin will take about six hours to set up. Once it dries to its hard, glasslike finish, it is nearly impossible for the “glued” objects to ever separate.

Another benefit of ICE Resin®, over other craft products used as to seal artwork (such a dimensional glazes) is that once dried, the seal is permanent and waterproof. ICE Resin® will never reconstitute in water, making it a perfect top coat for mixed-media jewelry designs.