Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer, President & Creative Director

Susan Lenart Kazmer is an internationally-recognized mixed-media jewlery artist, silversmith and teacher.  She’s developed many “cold-join” techniques over the years to transform found objects into Talisman works of fine art.

Susan first began using resin in her mixed-media jewlery more than decade ago. Searching for an safer alternative to the harsh chemicals found in many commerical resins, Susan developed ICE Resin, a crystal clear jeweler’s grade resin that’s environmentally safe, self leveling, self doming and self healing.

To learn more about Susan and see more of her work, visit www.susanlenartkazmer.com

to view her ICE Resin Jewelry Museum Collection click here >>—>


Jen CushmanJen Cushman, Vice President & Co-Creative Director

Jen Cushman is a natural storyteller who found mixed media art 13 years ago and never looked back.

She is drawn to the imperfect, the funky, the quirky, the artsy and the authentic: be it people or objects or art.

“This is what my work is about: Discovery, Beauty, Truth and Love.”
– Jen Cushman

To learn more about Jen and see more of her work, visit www.jencushman.com